Sleep Fantasies

Ok, I’m writing this now. Still feeling lazy to though, more like tired actually. Worked on these flowers the whole night. Toilet Flowers It’s not yet done tho.
So last week I had this weird dreams. I’ve tried going back to it whenever I suddenly woke up xD
The first was, there was a guy walking these two girls to their house. I don’t know how they are related. Then after that, there was this old man he met on the road. They were talking about something. I think the old man was asking help. He wanted to the guy to kill a monster. So they went to this forest?place? not sure. It looks like an abandoned beach resort. But suddenly, the character turned out me. There were two Chinese dragons that I have to defeat, the King and the Princess dragons. They keep chasing me blowing fire. I got exhausted. There was a pause. Then suddenly the Dragon Princess showed a painting…or a poster-like photo. There were me and her together. She said that we were friends but I don’t know about it. The old man and King Dragon was shocked too. The fight ended and suddenly I woke up ._.


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