I am a thief deep inside };D

I think last Friday night, I had a dream about owning a Canon camera. I was in the corner of this building, beside the stairs trying to figure out how to use it but I can’t. The images were always blurry. I found a new model is already out. The better one, so I had regret.  Suddenly, the grocery store beside the building was burning. I think the people hate it or the owner did something bad that made them mad. Everyone is running inside the store. They are picking anything they want. The owner didn’t know what to do. I got tempted to join them. So I ran inside. I went to the cookies and biscuits section first and pick as many as I can. But something caught my attention, the Chocolate section!!! I ran fast there and pick Toblerone! *.*
I can’t remember what happened next. I think I woke up seeing my mother picking up Mingming lying beside me. Or it was in a different day. The end.


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