Sleep Fantasies II

Dang it my head is feeling weird already. 
This next dream was from my nap. Me and my friends just got out from school. We went to this small store where they sell cheap fried chickens. Peter asked if there is an internet cafe nearby. The man pointed the creepy place. It was just few meters away but it was dark. I think it was a graveyard and some houses on the side. I got scared so I kept distance from them. I stand beside an old rusty car. I kill all the cats I see, like choking or squeezing their neck. I think I’ve killed about 4 cats :S I throw them under the old rusty car beside me. I had the thought that those cats are witches in disguised. But I was wrong. The good thing is those cats don’t look like my Mingming :] I’d skip a part ’cause I don’t know how to explain it in English xD …Sp after the skipped part, we were in a Japanese pond-like place. There was something on my hand, an ink or an egg yoke…not sure. I throw it on the pond but some people approaching with angry face. It turned out that I killed someone by throwing that thing on the pond. I don’t understand that part.They just started to chase me. I can’t even go to our house. My mother has been trying to contact me but I won’t reply. I was too afraid. I stayed in this place with people I don’t know and I’m not familiar I think it was a resort or club but there were only about 4 of us there. I don’t have extra clothes so I had to find a way to get my clothes in the house. So I finally texted my mother not to find me and worry ’cause I’m fine but I realized the moment I texted her I was only on our bedroom, beside my closet. So I just took some clothes. Suddenly, my mother came in and saw me lol I didn’t know what to do so I just pretended that I was sleeping while standing up lol There was guy came upstairs and saw me. He was very angry. I think he was saying that I killed his father or I don’t know who. He started to chase me so I ran very fast. We ended up being in a poultry house. There were huge logs on the ceiling. It’s like the frame of the roof. He was still chasing me there. I kept my balance while walking on those frames. I think there windows there just like those in the attics. It was were I went out. He caught me on the road but there were other people there aside from us, Some relatives of us I guess, I don’t know. Then…I can’t remember what happened next xD I’m pretty sure they didn’t kill me. 


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