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Surprised By Little Kitty Munchkins!!!


Woke up then saw these little munchkins on our gate. Our mentally disabled neighbor thinks our house is a cat havedn lol
So I thought of getting baby cat bottles. Cat milk is freakin’ expensive! <…<
And oh, our kitty on the left has been there for awhile now lol


As an update for our new little munchkins, I asked our neighbor, Liezel, to keep them for awhile. They have a lot of cats. One of them just gave birth recently so it could still provide milk for the munchkins. She showed me a picture of them right away with the mother cat. I think it welcomed them well. x]


Woody Crafts

I had a hard time applying the plastic varnish because it quickly dries on the brush in just few seconds. I guess I just need to figure out the right and easiest ways to do it. lol
I’m planning of making bigger and other designs of these, so if anyone interested to buy please let me know. : D
Those flowers are from tissue rolls. I made them few months ago.
(click each image to enlarge)

My Candle Shade?

My Candle Shade?

Diggity, diggity, diggity! I’m so happy because I did something this early, though I’m very sleepy!

These are candle shade or I don’t know the right term xD

I quite wasn’t able to achieve the right alignment on the first column because my hands were too shaky. Something I regret from drinking coffee earlier at night. lol Anyway, it’s still worth it xD

And I wonder if anyone would buy these when I get to finish them neatly lol