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Woody Crafts

I had a hard time applying the plastic varnish because it quickly dries on the brush in just few seconds. I guess I just need to figure out the right and easiest ways to do it. lol
I’m planning of making bigger and other designs of these, so if anyone interested to buy please let me know. : D
Those flowers are from tissue rolls. I made them few months ago.
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Dan dan dan done!


(1) I got the idea of making a paper mache mask. I spent few hours from midnight until early morning in molding it on my face. (2) I waited for it to dry before I went to sleep. (3) I thought of cutting it abstractly. Some said it looks like the one from Phantom of the Opera lol. I had a hard time in cutting it. I even bought a new cutter but the paper mache was too think for it. I think it didn’t looked that bad.


I sprayed the mask with acrylic paint. Then I created the design. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. Applying the design using glue and glitters was quite messy and took me forever -.- When the glitters with the glue were already dry, I had to coat it with glue with water mixture so the glitters are secured on their place.


No chicken butts were hurt on this part. I didn’t use feathers ’cause I don’t have any. I have a lot of tissue rolls I kept so I cut some leaf shaped with spikes on it (for the evil effect? O.o) At first, I used marker to color them but I ran out of ink. Our reserve ink already turned gooey. I was hopeless for awhile. Then I decided to use water color but the shades are not even and it easily washes away. So hopeless for awhile again.

Then bam! bright idea! xD
I remember that the scrap ink of our printer turns out black because of all the 4 colors being mixed. So I took the small bottle container then color the rest of my crafts. x] Had to wait for them to dry before adding the details.


I coated those black stuff with glue+water so they will look glossy and to protect the color. I applied dots of glue then sprinkled them with white glitters. The flower was also made of scrap tissue roll. I only coated it with nail polish lol. I found the stone somewhere in our house. My first idea was to use an old pearl earring but it’s too small. I attached them together using a glue gun. I still have to add laces on both sides so I can wear the mask comfortably.