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Sleepy but don’t want to sleep yet :P

So this is my first post here *looks around*. I’ve created this account exactly 3 months ago lol and left it empty. I swear I didn’t write that Hello World thing xD . This is not a shower thought this time, it’s almost 3am! lol.  I’m not really into writing long thoughts here in internet. I usually do it on my journals. Well, I don’t know where I kept those lol. So here I go. This is one of those annoying, dramatic feeling days.I have fear about somethings the whole day, do scrubbings in the afternoon and got annoyed by my classmate in the evening *sigh*. Been staring at the internet world but having some random thoughts at the same time. And oh I have new things to thank Torrents xD . I got ABBA Greatest Hits album wohoo!! and also a DVD maker software };D But there goes my karma, my left leg hurts! D; …but not too much I still can run in case I saw a flying cockroach I guess 😛 An exhausting afternoon is waiting for me when I wake up. Ya I’ll probably gonna wake up late again since it’s already 3am right now lol.

and btw, Happy birthday Harry Potter!!! I still wub you a bit 😛